Every day at 10:30 I go downstairs to have a cigarrette. Its only one, my only cigarette of the day. Then I eat my granola bar. I am trying to loose weight and I have found that the best way to do that is to regiment my intake of food. I eat the same thing every day, until I get home, then I eat some other food. But always I am limiting my calories to 500 below maintance, which is about 2500 for me since I go to the gym all the time.

Today is gym day, more specifically, it is leg day. I will do squats, lunges, step ups, lying leg curls, calf raises both seated and standing, and perhaps some horizontal leg presses. My legs are looking very good lately, they are like big hams, and my squats have improved dramatically. I think that my new protein regime is really starting to kick in. I don't like training legs as much as upper body, but you gotta do it, as your legs are crucial to the production of Human Growth Hormone. I like upper body much better, the pump is more visible and especially training arms, when I get a good bicep or tricep pump my arms feel like they are going to split open.