Sore today. Yesterday was arms and back day. The gym was even more crowded today with new year's resolutioneers. I give them respect for coming into the gym and trying to make good, but they don't know the etiquette and it gets frustrating when you put your towel down on a bench, walk to get your dumb bells and someone has thrown your towel on the floor and has taken your bench. There were a ton of guys, doing their reps right infront of the Db rack, I hate haveing to go around them to get my weights. I just wish that people who were new to the gym, would take a moment and look around and watch. I think I may start telling people some things, but that is always sketchy because you don't want to come off as a know it all or a busy body, but damn please just let me get to the Db rack. I did an upper body workout with emphasis on biceps and back.

That appears to me to be a bit of overtraining. Next week I am going to be doing a more traditional split, working two muscle groups each day and allow more time to recover. Continuing to loose weight, I am down to 180 now. I am looking forward to doing dead lifts next week, since they are dangerous unless strict form is followed, I plan on recruiting my wife to read all about them and watch my form for me.

Yesterday on the metro there was an old guy walking up to young ladies and showing them pictures of porn. I thought he was going to get attacked, I am not sure what I would do if that happened, I would try to keep the guy from getting beat to death since that seems to happen occasionally at times like this, but I was also telling the guy to leave them alone.

I was on the bus recently, and a guy walked on and started beating the crap out of the bus driver. About 8 guys stood up and shoved the guy off the bus. Its at those times, when the mob is active, that the perp is liable to get beat to death. Kinda scary what a mob is capable of.