According to a researcher whose last name is Marcia and whose first name has vanished into the recesses of my mind, an identity crisis has four stages.

  1. Identity diffusion : During this stage, the person is not in any specific crisis. At this point, all of their identity issues are all jumbled together.

  2. Moratorium : The actual identity crisis, focused on one single issue, (religion, politics, relationships, vocation, etc.) begins. For the time being, the other issues are set aside.

  3. The last two stages are the two possible outcomes of the crisis:

  4. Foreclosure : The adolescent decides to fall in line with what their parents want.

  5. Identity Achievement : The individual decides on their own what they are going to do. Identity achievement can be attained if the adolescent decides to follow their parents' example by using their own individual free will. Essentially, using your own will and value system equals identity achievement.