Subtitle of the Day: More Trivia That is Taking Up Valuable Real Estate in My Brain

I haven't noded in so long that I've forgotten all my pidgin HTML, so bear with me.

I got my hand on the Beatles' number one's CD. It was, of course, spectacular, but, being the easily distractable, hyper- attention deficit disorder individual that I am, I was attracted to the shiny, colorful images inside the CD booklet. Mostly they show album covers of the various singles ensconsed therein. Most of the covers are in English, but ever now and then you see something about "Les Beatles" or some scribblings in Chinese. What really got me going was the Spanish album covers. For some reason, seeing those famous Liverpudlians, in their string ties and floppy hair, grinning out from an album cover proudly emblazoned with "Los Beatles" and " Submarino Amarillo," made me laugh my ass off.

Yay! I finally learned how to pipe link!