An arcade game that caused a small revolution in arcade gaming. You use a large, plastic light gun, colored in either pastel blue or pink (Why these colors? Did someone have a baby?) and shoot at the screen at various bad guys. In order to reload your gun after 6 shots, you shoot off-screen. The screen scrolls to the right slowly as you kill terrorists. The terrorists shoot at you or throw knives if you take too long to kill them. Occasionally, hostages will pop up and you are penalized if you kill them. You can shoot out windows, tires, and various things. Sometimes, power-ups pop up, such as a shotgun, and a machine gun. You go through various levels like a bank robbery, airport, Chinatown, and a toxic waste dump. This game was very popular and led to the creation of many other games very similar to it, such as Area 51,Virtua-Cop, House of the Dead, and Silent Scope(the greatest gun game ever made!). It led the way for ultra-violent games to be translated into a format that makes teenagers even more enthusiastic about shooting at things (although in its defense, you only shoot at bad guys).