One of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, nicknamed the Brown Bomber. He grew up in a poor, rural childhood. He eventually rose through the ranks to become heavyweight champion of the world by defeating Max Baer. Joe Louis holds the record for the most fights defending his title after gaining the Champion status.

He had a short romance with legendary Lena Horne and had acquaintances to many famous people. An extravagant spender, he often bought his mother houses and cars. After losing his title to Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis went on to make a baseball team called the Brown Bombers and have a short stint as a professional wrestler in order to pay for his debts. Besides just a great athlete, Joe Louis was a role-model and a champion for rights for blacks. He was not the first black heavyweight champion. Jack Johnson was the first but he was a boozer, womanizer, and a very amoral person who brought shame upon the black community. Joe Louis instead brought honor to the title of heavyweight champion by living a clean life and giving considerable money to charities.