Would you like to write your own Final Fantasy game? No sweat! Just follow these guidelines.
  • Make a main male character that is good looking, gets chicks by being the strong, silent type. He has to be a loner who actually does care for people. Also, he has to be someone that can whoop ass.
  • Make a love interest for him that cares for him and is concerned with his personality flaws but still loves him for what he is inside.
  • Then make a mechanic named Cid.
  • Always have a comic relief character that does stupid things like talk funny, walks funny, or looks funny.
  • Make a single enemy that is out to destroy the world for no apparent reason. He/She must be able to change form so that in the end, after you defeat this person, they come back in a new stronger, more uglier form!
  • Make the plot so that the world gets almost destroyed!
  • Put in plot twists but make sure that they are really cliched!
  • Put in an airship that sort of works at first so that you can go some places only. Then later, it goes everywhere!
  • Three words. Chocobos chocobos chocobos!

With these guidelines, you can write your own Final Fantasy game before Squaresoft does!