Dandyism is a term referring to the idea that a person's life can be a work of art also. Sure, there are some people that think that everything in life is a work of art (or vice versa, but that's a subject for another node. Surely there are lots of people that have been involved in Dandyism, whether they know it or not. How about Elvis Presley, one of the greatest "artists" of all? If you don't agree, how come so many people are copying the work of art that is his life by becoming impersonators? Another great example can be Vincent Van Gogh. He mutilated his own ear and gave it to a prostitute named Rachel. He threatened Gauguin with a razor. He had epileptic seizures. He took in a prostitute named Lien who had gonorrhea, smallpox scars, and a baby on the way. But then the theory is, if these people didn't do things in their life for the purpose of making their life into an artwork, is it really art? Then you must argue to the definition of art. Figuring that out is almost as painful as mutilating your own ear.