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To live life to the fullest and procrastinate everything at the same time.
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Plainly put, I love music. Anywhere I spend time by myself is usually equipped with surround sound so that I may enjoy whatever music fits my mood. Music is a beautiful thing. A MacBook pro with 12,000 tracks rarely gets old and serves as a fantastic personal disc jockey.

I find myself at the coast on a weekly basis. It's the once place I can go to relax no matter what is on my mind. Whether it's 100 degrees or 35, I'll still use a quarter tank of gas to get myself out there.

I've invested a LOT of money into firearms. New weaponry is, without question, one of those products that makes up for its $1800 price tag with the amount of grins it puts on your face.

I've always found driving with the windows down and good music (preferably in sunny weather) to be very relaxing. Somewhere that you can drive at least 60 is usually preferred to allow for that free feeling.

I make my attempt at living life to the fullest. Flat out, I think I may be succeeding.

...And that's what happens when you write a bio in two minutes.