I don't believe the movie sucked at all. It's supposed to be a - all together now, people - a parody. The whole idea of the film is that it's taking the piss out of the genre of 1950s B-movies... as is made perfectly clear in the opening song, Science Fiction.

Casting Charles Gray as the Criminologist, or Narrator, or whatever you want to call him, was an absolute masterstroke. Especially the bit where they give him an off-the-cuff line in the Time Warp... "(pulls down flipchart showing dance steps and recites in matter-of-fact tone)... it's just a jump to the left". I love it.

I've seen Rocky performed live many more times than I've seen the film. I've seen it done by close personal friends and complete strangers, on stages large and small, performed incredibly well or abysmally badly. Each new performance, though, has brought something new to the Rocky Horror legend.

And I'm sorry, people: it is a legend. I proudly claim to be one of the people who know every word to The Rocky Horror Show. Go on, quiz me. Just don't tell my boss.