The Prisoner opens when a secret agent, played by Patrick McGoohan (of Danger Man and Secret Agent fame, and also Ice Station Zebra), suddenly resigns from his highly-classified government job. He returns home and begins packing, intending to go on holiday, but as he does so anaesthetic gas hisses through the keyhole.

He awakes in what appears to be the same room, but looks outside to see a bizarre arrangement of Italianate spires and domes around a well-tended courtyard. This is The Village, a place where no one has a name, and where The Prisoner's insidious captors attempt to extract from him the reasons behind his resignation.

There are several disputes over the ordering for the 17 episodes of the show -- see episode orderings for `The Prisoner'. The standard ordering in which they were first broadcast is:

  1. Arrival
  2. The Chimes of Big Ben
  3. A, B & C
  4. Free for All
  5. The Schizoid Man
  6. The General
  7. Many Happy Returns
  8. Dance of the Dead
  9. Checkmate
  10. Hammer Into Anvil
  11. It's Your Funeral
  12. A Change of Mind
  13. Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
  14. Living in Harmony
  15. The Girl Who Was Death
  16. Once Upon a Time
  17. Fall Out

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