I'm well aware that the unnecessary amount of Biblical literalism doesn't imply that the basic tenets of Christianity are false. What bothers me is that that one book is all Christians have to go on... well, that and two thousand years of tedious theological debate going over the same points (which I'm fairly sure we're guilty of right now, but never mind).

Take the whole Armageddon thing, for instance. Apparently there's going to be this huge war between demons and angels and then the angels will win. Why will they? What source states that God will come out on top in the eternal struggle... oh, wait... it's God's own book. It's propaganda, that's all. The only reason that God is good and Satan is bad is that God has better P.R. The Devil never wrote his own book.

The whole dichotomy between the Old Testament and the New Testament - the being who states "I am a jealous God" suddenly starts preaching Peace and Love Thy Neighbour - does bother me somewhat. I think that that's part of the point: everyone expected the prophesied Messiah to come as a great warrior, flaming swords and everything, to destroy the Jews' enemies, but he turned out to be a guy who talked and healed people. I don't let it bother me too much, though. It's only one of many things in the Bible that bother me.