Professor of Cybernetics at Reading University. Author of In the Mind of the Machine (originally titled March of the Machines), and QI. A leading figure in Artifical Intelligence, he has been compared to Stephen Hawking for his ability to make high-level Science accessible to the masses.

Professor Warwick is best known for controversially having a chip embedded in his arm to allow him to interface with a computer. He currently plans to take this experiment a step further by implanting a similar chip in his wife's arm, and interfacing the two. This ground-breaking research will help determine whether it is possible for neural impulses to be transmitted between one central nervous system and another.

Born in Coventry in 1954, Kevin was schooled in Rugby before working for British Telecom for six years. He took his first degree at Aston University aged twenty-two, which was followed by a PhD and a research post at the Imperial College, London. After holding positions at Oxford, Newcastle and Warwick, he took up the Professorship at Reading in 1988.

I first met Professor Warwick at a signing of his new book QI. We chatted for a while... mutual acquaintances, all that sort of thing. (We do actually have some mutual acquaintances: we work in the same discipline, albeit he's at the top and I'm at the bottom.) A bloody nice chap he was, too.