I contributed a writeup to the node Bible Contradictions and got heavily flamed. Apparently, a lot of my conclusions weren't based on the Bible at all, but upon the tenets of Christianity in general - stuff like Christmas being on 25 December, which isn't mentioned in the Bible.

They were right. Mea culpa. But that makes me guilty only of contibuting to Bible Contradictions when I should maybe have written Contradictions of Christianity instead.

I don't belive in God, or Christ, or any form of supreme being... I'm not sure what I do believe in, but what I have thought about it all is expressed here. Having said that, some of my best friends are Christians, and we argue about it all the time. It helps us understand each other, and brings us closer. We don't have to agree.

What bugs me is the kind of mindset where people will say, "this must be true, it's in the Bible", even when it's logically stupid. Often their rationale is along the lines of "the Bible is the word of God, and God is omniscient so it must be right". Bzzt. Wrong. The only person who told you God was omniscient is God.

TheLady says: "Bzzt. Wrong. God hasn't spoken out loud to anyone I can think of in quite some time." So, not only is s/he the only person who says so, but s/he hasn't said it him/herself for four thousand years? Keep digging, girl.

I have no problem with people believing in God. I have absolutely no problem with people living their lives by the precepts outlined in the Bible - Doing Unto Others, Loving Thy Neighbour, all that... these things can only make the world a better place. Indeed, with that in mind I have even practiced evangelism in my time, while still remaining a fervent atheist myself.

OTOH, when people go to war because they disagree over what colour robes the priest should wear, it's not exactly Loving Thy Neighbour. It disturbs me when people take their beliefs to such a stage that they will commit violence over them.

As Voltaire said: "I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". But I refuse to defend what you say: they're only words, people.