Yeah, sure all men are potential rapists, just as much as all women are potential murderesses. We've all got the physical capability to do evil. I have several implements on my desk right now that I could use to brain, stab, maim or terrify someone with if I was so inclined.

I'm not so inclined.

That idiot Greer woman might as well have said "All men potentially watch daytime television" and it would have made no more sense or been any more or less true. The fact is it's completely irrelevant. I could rape someone if I wanted to, but... hello, people... I don't want to. I'm a potential a lot of things, but I'm an actual nice guy. We do exist, you know.

I don't care whether Germaine Greer was misquoted or what. The fact remains that her bald statement was irrelevant, ill-considered and libellious.

So I'm a bloke. Shoot me.

Update: plonk_plonk's writeup under Apparently I am a potential rapist has the excellent quote "all men are rapists in the same sense as all women are prostitutes". We have the equipment, that's all.

Owning a monkey wrench does not make one a plumber.
Owning a computer does not make one a hacker.
Owning a bizarre, twisted, unrealistic, bigoted mindset with a side of persecution complex possibly does make one a feminazi.