A fast food chain found in Canada that started in the province of Newfoundland. The chain differs in several ways from their biggest competitor, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Mary Brown's is known for its taters, an alternative to french fries, which are also offered. Taters are fried potato wedges that are cut by the staff every day and seasoned with all sorts of spices.

Mary Brown's chicken is freshly cooked many times a day, and you can be guaranteed that it has not been sitting for long. Chicken is offered on the bone in different types of pieces: leg (dark meat), thigh (dark meat), wing (white meat), side breast (white meat) and center breast (white meat). These pieces can be bought in boxes of six or more, in value meals or individually. Additionally, chicken fingers and fillets are offered, which are cuts from center breasts. Crispies (chicken nuggets) and chicken burgers can also be bought, however these two menu items are processed chicken.

Value meals typically come with pieces of chicken or fingers, a salad, a drink and a side of taters or fries. The drinks are currently from Pepsi, but due to the expiry of the contract, this will be changing to Coca-Cola within the next few months.

The salads that are offered at Mary Brown's are macaroni, potato and coleslaw (as well as tossed salad for an extra charge). The coleslaw is made right in the kitchen.

Another way that Mary Brown's differs from conventional fast food places is by its staff. The stores are typically smaller than regular fast food outlets, and staffed by two to four employees per shift. Evening shifts usually consist of a cashier, cook and manager, with an additional cashier or cook depending on the day.

Individual meals at Mary Brown's cost between $2.50 and $9.00 Canadian. This may seem slightly expensive, but the quality of the food is much higher than most fast food restaurants.

There are thirty-seven Mary Brown's restaurants in Newfoundland, seventeen in Ontario, one in the Northwest Territories, three in Alberta and one in Nova Scotia.

Mary Brown's Chicken is a very good fast food experience.