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Okay, I'll be brief. Currently an everything newbie, I'm changing my computing tastes and on the verge of changing OS to Linux and am enjoying my education.

I'm young (15), but that does not mean i'm less intelligent, nor experienced than most, so do not patronise me, it'll just wind me up. I hope to get integrated into the Everything community quickly, and will fully participate once my exams are done (a couple of weeks still). For now I shall instead read and learn.

I love languages, games, and movies. Also a music fan but my tastes are too ecletic to describe, so there's probably something on your computer that I'd like. Next year I'm doing latin, maths, chemistry and English literature, and I'm hoping to do law at uni.

Nintendo fan since birth, nintendo fan till present. *flame me at your own risk* I hate PC games, i absoloutly loath their lack of intuitiveness and ease of use.

That's all for now, take care everybody

--Mufadal Jiwaji