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I've done a little bit of a lot of things. I'm not egotistical enough to claim to be a jack of all trades. But I've never been satisfied with a simple baseball/hotdogs and apple pie life.

In daily life I work with computers. In my home life I play with computers, dabble in writing, developing table top and paper and pencil role playing games and scenarious, playing with my Mazda Miata sports car (I do a couple of autocrosses a year), and when time allows, work on my house, play (and feed and clean up after) my cats and spend time with my lovely, brilliant, scary and indulgent wife.

In my past I've fought in a medieval recreationist fighting group, earned my Private Pilots License, flown over 40 hours of light aerobatics, skydived once, gone on a great number of long road trips often solo. I recently drove 14 hours down to Florida to see a space shuttle launch, then drove 14 hours back, all within 3 days. I've taken college coursework in art, engineering and writing, before getting diverted by these computer things.

I love playing games, particularly war games, paper and pencil RPG's, or off the beaten path table top or board games. But I can play cards or more common board games like Monopoly or checkers or Trouble without qualm. Happily for everyone else, I enjoy playing so much that winning isn't all that important, with the result that I hardly ever come out on top. Let's play again!

In the past I've been pretty active, boys club football as a kid, running cross country in high school, the afore mentioned medieval fighting, and a long stint of roller blading back in it's heyday. Lately I've been pretty sedentary, though. To combat that I'm starting to wrestle with golf clubs and balls with varying degrees of success, and am thinking of getting back into medieval fighting. (Hey, it's a good full bidy workout.)

Here on Everything2, I'm thinking of filling in a little around the edges, and maybe inserting an alternate opinion here and there. (Almost nothing here about aerobatics, and I note a certain smugness in peoples opinions about a Miata's sporting caliber, as examples.) But I need to test the waters a bit, to make sure I don't get off on the wrong foot.

Feel free to send me any tips on how to effectively contribute and co-exist here. Hopefully I can add to the fun and info.