Here is an E2 before and after shot:

before E2:
a dripping, agoraphobic facet, very quietly and sadly dripping away.........

after E2:
a tsunami in lock down.

other things that have changed:
I have my dictionary and my medical dictionary out and always near. I wouldn't want to misspell another node title unless I am creating my own words and saying, "spell checker? kiss my @#$%"

Everyone is calling and asking me if I'm all right because I haven't left the house this weekend.

My friend that knows me best, told me to make sure I eat.

I don't push the snooze alarm as many times when I wake up, I go over and push the computer on/off switch and then I push "favorites" and then I push ""

Another little piece of my life is in my "true place"

I learned a little more about not letting people who fear nymphomaniacs, long hair, shaved heads, untamed songs, very short skirts on women over 30, multiple piercings, the list could go on for quite a ways....., scare me.

I like C’s alot more

I have stumbled onto a lost world that exists inside the empty spaces between the electrons, filled with the most amazing creatures.

After you spend all day, feverishly writing something, you haven’t eaten, your friends are freaking out, the dogs are pissed off, you missed all of your engagements, you haven’t taken a shower yet.... after all of this, getting C’s for your work, from mysteriously cool people floating around the internet is like each delicious thrust after a great ......

My big question(s):
If I get enough C's will you send a housekeeper over?

Where is Yoda?

One more thing:
I feel better.

dam..... I wish someone would send me another aggravating e-mail so I can mow the lawn......