Dreams have an uncanny ability to alter reality.

I don’t think about her much anymore. There was a time when I couldn’t focus on anything else. So it goes with many different people, and their many different relationships, the world over.

The daydreams were relentless. Her unbelievably similar sense of humor. Her athleticism. Her interests. And she was so, so beautiful. Undeniably out of my league.

We were close our senior year of high school. I amazingly found enough courage to ask her to senior prom. In an infinitely more amazing turn of events, she accepted. Prom night came and went, and I would like to think we both had a great time.

But that’s where the story ends.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask her out to dinner in the successive weeks, and we both went off to separate universities. I got into another relationship (thank God that happened or I would have never stopped thinking about her) that ended badly, and so the shell was born.

The shell hasn’t come off for two years. I keep to my small core of friends, my computer, and myself. I enjoy my little corner of reality. And now, three years later, I have my first dream about her. And I haven’t stopped thinking about it all day. I hope you stay perfect.

And I never dream.