I can't speak for the Native American community at-large, or even the small minority of us here on E2, but for myself, I am getting pretty tired of these incessant attacks on the Ojibwa people, Mr dockdigit.

Your repeated belittling of anything you don't understand is laughable. Make fun of Ashram all you want -- he at least tried to live in harmony with the Great Spirit.

It's difficult enough in this country growing up poor and Indian. Most of my relatives were either drunk or dressed in bird feathers -- we don't need people like you trashing our most fundamental beliefs.

Besides, Ashram admits in the Preface to Quatsch! that 7 year-old girls could wriggle better than he could and that only by total immersion in the Ojibwa culture could one expect to writhe like a shaman. So he spends a long weekend in Ashwaubenon and you deride a whole culture based on his recollection of the experience. My great-uncle Henry, when he was sober, could make a better argument than that.

I'm beginning to suspect that your blatant prejudice stems from a bad experience at one of our casinos. If this is the case, please try to settle your dispute amicably with the management. We cannot refund the money you lost at the slot machines, but there is no need to make this a personal vendetta against an entire people.