I always hope things will be different. I guess it's the eternal optimist in me. But the U.S. media is once again playing lap-dog. They might as well be an official branch of the government.

Yesterday in Los Angeles they buried Adel Karas. I never saw a mention of it on any of the TV networks. I had to read it in the Jordan Times. Mr. Karas was shot and killed in the backlash against anyone resembling an arab. Mr Karas was a christian. On TV there were no reports of fund-raising for his family. There were no reports of his 67 year-old mother flying in for the funeral. There were no images of her weeping.

President George W. Bush announced the creation of the Office of Homeland Security. This was reported. But it was never mentioned that he had rejected this same idea months ago. The U.S. Commission on National Security issued their report in January stating the US was vulnerable to attack and urged the creation of this office. Only after they were tragically proved right did Bush reverse position and agree.

More than 250 acts of violence have been reported against arabs or those "resembling" arabs -- on US college campuses alone. It's comforting to see that our education system is working so well.

I always hope that things will be different. Maybe one of these times I won't be disappointed.