Out of habit
She caresses the keys,
Not looking for salvation,
Just one true face
Behind each mask,
A fellow traveler
On the path.
Once black and white,
Fade to grey.
Black is the color of mourning.
White is the color of mourning.
Grey is where we live.

I do not know that it is important or even relevant for the intent and motives of a writer to be known. The value in reading is what we take away from a work, which may be more or less than the author (in this case, me) intended. The subject of this poem knows exactly what it means. That said, I will explicate this briefly. The subject of this poem is a woman - a nun - who has separated from her order.
She is a musician, and spends a lot of time online.
She is yearning to explore her sexuality.
The online adult personal sites are filled with fakes, phonies, and embellishments.
Contemplating the step from adherence to a strict religious life to becoming a sexual libertine puts her whole world-view into question.
Depending upon the culture in which you live, even black and white can mean different things.
There are no easy answers.