The National Toy Hall of Fame is part of A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village in Salem, Oregon. The Toy Hall of Fame was opened in 1998 to recognize toys that have inspired generations.

The list of inductees:

Tonka®, by Hasbro, Inc.
Silly Putty®, by Binney & Smith
Slinky®, by Poof Products
The Bicycle
The Jump Rope
Mr. Potato Head®, by Hasbro
Hula Hoop, by Wham-O
View-Master®, by Fisher-Price
Duncan YoYo® by Flambeau
Red Wagon, by Radio Flyer, Inc
Lincoln Logs®, by Hasbro, Inc
Roller Skates
Barbie®, by Mattel, Inc
Tinker Toys®, by Hasbro, Inc
Crayola Crayons®, by Binney & Smith, Inc
Erector Set, by Erector-Meccano, Inc
Etch a Sketch®, by Ohio Art
Frisbee, by Wham-O
Monopoly®, by Parker Brothers Games
Play-Doh®, by Hasbro, Inc
The Teddy Bear
Legos®, by Lego Systems, Inc