American Eagle Outfitters (NASDAQ: AEOS) is a major-market clothes retailer, primarily aiming for the adolescent/twentysomethings market. They sell everything clothes-related, from shirts to pants to coats to socks to underwear to scarves, gloves, and any other minor accessory you can think of. Although primarily associated with the upper middle-class and more well-to-do citizenry, AE's prices are reasonable enough on certain items (in comparison to other stores) that buying there wouldn't break your bank. There are currently 700 American Eagle stores in the United States.

American Eagle also owns a group of stores in Canada, Bluenotes/Thriftys, which sells more urban clothes, almost exclusively for the teenager market. There are 111 Bluenotes/Thriftys stores in Canada.

American Eagle's website is

Although I myself don't frequent American Eagle (since I am unaware of how their products are made), I do indulge myself in a purchase there on occasion: their in-store music compilation CDs are always top-notch (featuring artists such as Spoon, Phantom Planet, Gomez, Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse, and more) and always seem to fit the season - the winter CDs are noticeably soft and brittle, while the summer compilations are always fun and breezy.

And yes, they sell Penguin mints.