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[Insane] or not, [Caligula] did do some interesting stuff:

  • He considered himself a [god] and demanded all to [worship] him, even the [jewish] people who up until then had been allowed [religious freedom].
  • During his [reign] two-thirds of all days were [holidays], and conducting any business on these days were [punishable] by [death].
  • He sometimes wore [female] clothes in public, often together with a golden [beard] and a [trident].
  • While some people thought that he would [invade] [Britain], instead he was only heading for the [ocean] to attack the god [Neptune]. He ordered his [army] to walk into the water knee deep and slash at the waves, and his [archers] and [catapults] were ordered to shoot into the water. He then told his troups to collect [shells] as [spoils of war].
  • He appointed his favorite [horse] both a [consul] of [Rome] and a [priest] in his [temple].
  • He let [pearls] dissolve in [vinegar], after which he drank them.