My counter to the Not Me, Not Now organization. Perhaps an overreaction, but meant more as a parody of their own seemingly ultra-conservative, moralizing, right-wing, religionazi, our way or the highway attitude towards sex. Every time I hear one of their commercials it just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I feel like smacking some sense into the organizers of this "movement" with a clue by four. Abstinence is one way to go, as is promiscuity; however, there can also be a middle ground, folks. Practice safe sex. Try consensual sexual experimentation. Have an all-oral fun fest. Use a condom or some other form of birth control. Sheesh.

(I'd love to see a liberal organization run commercials countering with something to the effect of "yes me, right now" promoting responsible sexual experimentation for healthy development).