Things in life happen and at that moment you don't exactly know why, but for some reason you know it was supposed to happen. I remember about 2 years ago, I was kicked out of my house. All through the summer I lived on my own, got into drugs, alcohol, sex, quit school, and pretty much anything I could do with my freedom. As the months went by, I became very lonely and everything I did seemed useless. After I broke up my boyfriend, I moved back home, and things seemed to even out again. About 2 months after I moved home, an old friend called, she wanted me to come down and visit her in Winnipeg. I went and I loved it, I was so happy to have all the fun and not be lonely. About 2 months after we planed to move in together she passed away. My best friend, hamster bong, called and we eventually worked out a plan and I moved here. I 've been here for 8 months, and in the 8 months I've become very happy and healthy. I've quit drugs, I don't drink or have sex anymore, and in giving all that up, I've become more aware of who I want to be and who I am. In all this twisting, I must admit, life may seem unfair and cruel, but for some reason, you need the bad things to appreciate the good.