(follow) Methodicly...

  1. Retrieve 4 slices of hazelnut bread.
  2. Place on counter.
  3. Retrieve gudens spicy mustard.
  4. Place on counter.
  5. Retrieve kraft mayo.
  6. You guessed it, place that on the counter too, buddy.
  7. Make more room on the counter by putting other shit away.
  8. Retrieve thin sliced pickles.
  9. Place on counter.
  10. Retrieve dry salami.
  11. Place on counter.
  12. Retrieve kraft cheese slices.
  13. Place on counter.
  14. Lay out bread on counter.
  15. Spread mayo on each slice. Just enough to keep the salami glued in.
  16. Squirt mustard juice into sink.
  17. Comment about how mustard juice makes you feel.
  18. Squirt mustard onto 2 of the slices on top of the mayo.
  19. Place 2 thin-sliced pickles onto the pieces of bread that have no mustard on them. 2 Each.
  20. Put the pickles, mustard, mayo and knife away.
  21. Place 8 pieces of salami on the side with mustard on it.
  22. Use 1 single of cheese per sandwich, rip into three pieces, spread out on top of salami.
  23. Press pieces of bread together.
  24. Scream at the top of your lungs "It's alive! Aliveeee!"
  25. Admire your creation.
  26. Put shit away.
  27. Grab mountain dew.
  28. Eat.