The following is a list of items which defines a somewhat comprehensive superset of all geek interests.

  • If you have an interest in a majority of the following items, you are a definitely a geek.

  • If you have an interest in a substantial minority of the following items, you are a probably a geek.

  • If you are familiar with a majority of the following items, you may be a geek or you may just be related to/friends with/dating a true geek.
  1. sci-fi movies (especially Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Matrix)
  2. sci-fi tv shows (especially Star Trek)
  3. b-movies
  4. MST3K
  5. computers (especially older systems with a bit of a cult following - e.g. NeXT, Amiga, Commodore64, Lisa)
  6. the growing family of computer-related devices/paraphernalia/services (e.g., PDAs, portable/car MP3 players, digital cameras, web-enabled phones, digital cable)
  7. computer apps (especially "niche" apps like MP3 players, text editors, IRC clients, Napster)
  8. computer programming (especially arcana, i.e. deep knowledge/understanding of the operating system, networking protocols, and languages like Perl, Python, Lisp, or JavaScript/DHTML)
  9. computer-industry figures (like Bill Joy, Marc Andreessen, and Kevin Mitnick)
  10. Unix (especially Linux)
  11. arcade games (especially old ones like Pac Man, Asteroid, and Centipede)
  12. console gaming systems
  13. computer games (especially geeky games like Myst and Civilization I, II, etc.)
  14. strategy games (e.g. poker, Risk, chess, go)
  15. role-playing games (especially Dungeons & Dragons)
  16. robots
  17. space (and related subjects: planets, space travel, colonization, alien life, SETI, space station, spacecraft)
  18. calculators (especially HP)
  19. philosophy
  20. logic
  21. math (especially things like fractals, pi, and prime numbers)
  22. science, especially...
  23. geeky magazines (like Wired, Scientific American, and Nature)
  24. comic books
  25. manga
  26. anime
  27. the far side
  28. humurous/farcical web sites (like The Onion or The Brunching Shuttlecocks)
  29. fantasy fiction (especially anything by J.R.R. Tolkien)
  30. sci-fi fiction (especially anything by Neal Stephenson or William Gibson)
  31. mythology
  32. magic
  33. geek web sites (like and
  34. toys (e.g., nerf guns, transformers)