a moment of stillness
the hands rage in silence
a door creaks
a spot of light lands in a corner
and dies away
the cricket in the distance
doesn't chirp
no water drop slides out
of the faucet
to drip down the counter
onto the parquet floor
movement imagined
happens in the mind
it sets in motion
some cells or other
but why do we even bother
why does the hand
for the light switch reach
why won't it rather
those eyes teach
to see the ghosts of walls
that their position firmly announce
as you blindly into their presence pounce
the pillow's white may brilliantly glitter
the eyelids may with pleasure flitter
a pleasure idle and trite
the bitter spongy core can't taste
and with the vision's greed defied
fall back blind and chaste
and into the pillow's depth glide