Muslimgauze is the brainchild of Bryn Jones, a prolific London composer who worked mainly with Indian and Middle Eastern tape loops and hand instruments to make a music that is simulatenously innovative and listenable. He is often compared to the experimental composers Coil, Merzbow, Autechre, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Noisex and Negativland. Rather than rely heavily on the Sturm und Drang of traditional experimental music, Jones' prolific career yielded a number of danceable tracks, which utilized traditional dub-style production and live musicians. Muslimgauze live usually consisted of Bryn Jones playing traditional Arab hand instruments over tape loops.

Bryn Jones is also known for his highly politicized view about US and UK involvement in Israel's subjugation of the nation of Palestine. Similarly, a number of recordings exist in which Jones decries the state of global policy towards the Arab world.