Om"bib*ulous, adjective [Omni- + imbibe + -ulous]

To be willing, tending to, or inclined to drink anything.

H.L. Menken, author, journalist, satarist, anti-prohibition advocate, and noted drinker coined the term ombibulous to describe his own lack of the "violent likes and dislikes in his dram" that he didn't understand in others. Mencken wrote frequently about beer but over his career also wrote about martinis, mint juleps, planter's punch, gin, bourbon, rum, wine, cocktails, highballs, and the like.

I'm ombibulous: I drink every known alcoholic drink and enjoy them all.
- H.L. Mencken

The term was notably used in the title of a 1968 book by Bud Johns Jr, The Ombibulous Mr. Mencken.