Originally introduced in 1988 by Acura (Honda Motor Company), the Integra has now been replaced with the RSX (introduced in 2001). The integra saw two generations, the first spanning from 1988 until 1993, the second from 1994-2000. Trim lines have varried, including RS, GS, LS, and the GS-R. GS-R trim brings the driver a higher output motor and and closer ratio stick shift.

Both 2 and 4 door models were produced. Both the first and second generation Integra shared the Civic platform. Also available was the Type-R, which had a hand worked motor with even higher output. Also given to the Type-R was a race derived suspension, unique shifter, wheels, spoiler, and emblems. This trim line was only available in a few years. It also became a usual winner in the touring class, especially in SCCA racing (most notable in the Speedvision sponsored class.)