DoctorNo's opinion of the NSX fails to place the car in the correct category. The NSX is solely the best value of any exotic automobile on the market. At under US$100k the buyer can obtain F1 technology at almost half the cost of the competition (Ferrari, Porsche..)

To compare the NSX against a Mustang is just wrong. This is like comparing a Razor scooter to a Kawasaki GSX-R.

Look for the 2003 NSX, possibly with a V-8 (derived from either Honda's CART engine or a new block with valve train technology from the F1 engine (Mugen if we're lucky.)

Additional history:

Acura began with the introduction of the Legend in 1987 followed by the Integra in 1988. The 2nd generation Legend was introduced in 1991. 1993 saw the introduction of the Vigor which used a unique inline 5 cylinder engine. 1994 brought the second generation Integra including the GSR model. In 1996 the company began renaming its models using a two letter code to denote the chassis and a two digit code to indicate the engine's displacement.

Today’s lineup includes the MDX (SUV, RL, TL, CL, NSX and the new RSX, which replaced the Integra. The TL, CL, and RSX all have a Type-S trim level which adds a more powerfully tuned engine and stiffer suspension.