Zombie College is a flash cartoon created by Eric Kaplan, co producer of Fox's Futurama. The cartoon details the adventures of Scott, a student at Arkford University. Arkford is also known as Zombie College because there are so many freakin zombies that go there. Scott is quickly turned into a zombie and the cartoons deal with how he deals with it. He spends most of his time pineing over his ex-girlfriend Zelda, who we later find out has become a zombie too. One interesting fact the show presents is that to have, uh, well, sex, zombies eat each other's brains. Scott spends a lot of time trying to resist feeding on the living's brains.

It was rumored for some time that Fox was interested in buying the story from Kaplan and turning it into a live action sitcom. When this rumor went rampant on the internet, Fox was reported as pulling out of the deal.

Zombie College can be found at IceBox.com, but unfortunately, you can no longer download episodes to watch, but all episodes will be available on DVD sometime soon.

This cartoon is also known to have one of the most "it gets stuck in your head" theme songs ever...