My brother says I'm a drama queen, but I seriously can't help myself.

So there I stood in our local chip shop last night, waiting for my burgers, when I happened to glance out of the front window. It had been raining earlier and now the evening sun was shining low, illuminating the streets and its puddles more like it would the surface of a lake than concrete and asphalt. As I looked out of the open door I saw, walking like a mirage across this urban sea, the most amazingly beautiful girl headed straight for the very shop I stood in. "Don't stare," I told myself, nonchalantly looking away whilst mentally cramming my fist into my mouth and muttering "please come in please come in". Surely she wouldn't be seen in a place like this? Amazingly, she breezed right in and up to the counter, looking so beautiful it hurt. "Of all the chip shops in all the world..." You know that incredibly rare but heart-skippingly breathtaking "thing" some girls have going on? An indefinable something, a something entwined with the way they look and carry themselves, and usually only displayed by movie stars. She was just so utterly heart-stoppingly breathtaking from every angle she was impossible to describe, and not only that but she was also here, now, in the flesh. This was no painfully-not-real on-a-movie-screen moment, she was standing right in front of me. She was the kind of girl where even speaking to her wouldn't even occur to me, and just looking at her made me feel guilty. It was heartbreaking to see her leave, knowing I'd probably never see her ever again. I lost my appetite, right there, in the middle of a chip shop.

Maybe I am a drama queen, but it was her fault for being so sodding beautiful.