It was a pleasant summer's day in Centenery Square, Birmingham (the one in england) and everyone was out sunning themselves. A pretty girl in her teens walked around the fountain, and a young man approached her from behind and wrapped his arms around her. Nobody thought anything of it, he was probably her boyfriend. But something was not right; he had his hand over her mouth and before anyone knew anything was wrong he had pushed a hidden knife into her abdomen and let her collapse into the fountain.

The girl floated face-down in the water, a growing cloud of dark red forming beneath her. She was drowning and slowly sinking to the bottom of the pool, until another young man came along and waded in to pull her out, lying her down on the warm concrete. She was not breathing, but he worked frantically to revive her until she coughed up water and gasped for breath in a pitiful wheeze. She once again lost consciousness, and the young man held her limp body and tried to stem the profuse bleeding until an ambulance arrived to take her away.

The girl lay in bed, still unconscious. Emergency surgery had stopped her bleeding, but she lay pale and struggling for breath, unaware of her distrought parents sitting by her. They watched helpless as their daughter, a girl so young who should be full of life, grew weaker and weaker before them.

Eventually she opened her eyes and looked at them one last time. Her breathing slowed and became shallower, and finally stopped. Her eyes glazed over and closed, and her heart beat for the very last time.