It was the dead of night as I walked down a local street. There were torrents of water everywhere, washing debris along the roads and flooding everything. As I looked into the night sky I saw in the distance a huge plume of spray being flung high into the air, and as I looked I realised it had come from my road.

Suddenly I was in my back garden, and huge waves were rolling, submerging and destroying everything. Every so often a huge wave would smash into a wall in our neighbour's garden, sending spray hundreds of feet into the air, then the waters would recede briefly, shallow enough to try to run for safety. But it was no good, the waves came back, and I was submerged and thrown helplessly about until they once again receded.

I looked over into our neighbour's garden and saw their daughter struggling against the water, then watched as a huge wave smashed into their wall, smashing it to pieces and sending the bricks collapsing on top of her. When the water receded I saw she was now submerged under the knee-deep water, trapped under the collapsed wall. I went over to help but another huge wave rolled over the gardens and submerged me and everything else, smashing me back into another wall.

I tried again to help but I could not get near her as she lay trapped and drowning. Eventually I was so battered I passed out and saw nothing more.