We had finally found it. The huge, dark, wet, dirty basement where he operated. We had been searching for him for so long, and here for the first time we could finally see why we had worked so hard to find him. It was very dimly lit down here and full of huge mechanical machines, each one big enough to fill a large room, and all there for the same purpose. We spotted him, but he hadn't seen us. He was working one of the machines, the biggest one. It was a mass of oily gears and tangled pipes, with gigantic steam pistons working away slowly but determinedly. Toward the top there was a huge wooden chair to which all of the workings and pipes connected. Sitting strapped into the chair was a teenage girl who was obviously in so much agony she had to scream, but she had undergone so many hours, maybe even days, of torture she could barely manage a feeble moan. The machines workings kept on burrowing into her, and a loose joint in one of the pipes was spraying her blood all over the machine.

Still he continued, heaving away at the huge workings to inflict some other horror upon her before she died. We had found him, and now we knew why we had to stop him.