I had to get to someone's house quickly. I don't know why, I just had to see this person in a hurry. I was dropped off outside a block of flats and I ran through the trees which lined the roadside and tried to find the right place. It was a dark day with oppressive grey skies, and everything was eerily still as I ran behind the flats into the driveway lined with garages. I hardly noticed that everywhere was deserted. Everything here was grey - the bleak buildings, the grit and tarmac, the small heaps of refuse piled up here and there. As I slowed down to look around I noticed something unusual in the nearest pile of rotting garbage. I went over and was shocked to see a decaying corpse with waxy grey skin blending in with the rest of the waste. He had been badly mutilated, and an iron bar had been brutally hammered right through his mouth and out the back of his head. I arose and walked on, and soon I realised that in every one of these piles there lay a rotting and mutilated carcass.

I was soon joined by whoever had dropped me off and we walked through the bleak and empty place finding corpse after corpse, each one with the unrelenting iron bar sticking gruesomely out his mouth, smashed right through and out the back of his head. There was no longer any rush, there was just a grey and vivid madness which suffocated me almost imperceptibly.