I was in a huge church one fine Sunday morning with my family. The service had just ended and the vicar was showing the congregation, which was quite sizeable, a wooden coffin which was stood upright near the altar. He invited everyone to stand inside this coffin, which we all thought was a little strange, but we had known the vicar for years and knew he was a nice, kindly chap who wouldn't hurt a fly.

The congregation lined up and entered the coffin one by one until (somehow) the whole congregation, which must have numbered upward of about eighty, was in this one coffin. However the twist was, this was not a coffin at all! It was in fact a doorway to a cramped pitch-black room, where everyone stumbled about on an uneven metal surface.

Suddenly a large door opened and as the light flooded in it became apparent what had happened. We were in a small aircraft hangar with the entire congregation on top of a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird! The vicar, who we all thought was so nice, was already in the cockpit and he took off before anyone had a chance to climb off to safety.

The last thing I remember is the superfast spy plane rocketing through the stratosphere at speeds upward of 2000 mph with a whole congregation of people hanging on for dear life.