Well, another day log for me, my second. I received quite an encouraging response for yesterday's; it's also quite nice to do it, now I know why people write diaries.

So this was also my second day of my fourth year of Computer Science. Tiring, if you ask me, I'll be doing seven hours of class every wednesday, plus lab hours. Ahh! slaves of tomorrow.

Before going to school, went back to exchange a dvd (my brother's birthday present), but this one ain't working too. It's kind of strange, but I'll get a refund and give him Blade Runner, instead.

Class was nice, Security has started well, Image Processing looks very, very hard, Networks might be easy and Artificial Intelligence sounds interesting. The faculty's bar is quite nice (we've been moved, check yesterday for details), we've been playing cards after eating (lost badly, as always).

Back at home, I've been very surprised to find yesterday's uninspired day log with such a high rep, but well, 'de gustibus non est disputandum', or something like that.

I'm chatting right now with a friend from Argentina which I met on Napster! She was downloading some spanish music I had, and we started talking in english, lingua franca, but then we realized that we both had spanish as our mother tongue. That also reminds me of my intention of writing about some of my (too few, of course, I study Computer Science), female friends, which I might start to do now...

(by the way, I felt great about secret unrequited love ceased being my most popular write-up. It was, in a way, depressing)