Just as someone else over there, this is my first day log. Nothing really exciting, started my fourth year of Computer Science at UAB, meet some folks I hadn't seen for months... yer usual fare.

This year is different. I'm not working now, so I am a bit skint; had a real deep thought at the bar for choosing my meal (hamburger w/bacon'n'cheese). It's really worrying how I'm getting used to spending cash lately. I even had to borrow some for the trip back (I've made today the payment for my annual train ticket, but I won't have it 'till friday; it's awfully expensive, but individual trips are even more pricey).

We have been moved to Medicine, where the classes are very, very uncomfortable, and we are very far away from all the interesting places.

I bought a defective dvd for my brother (Pink Floyd's The Wall), and I was going to return it today, but I have found out that I have lost the receipt, so this probably means that I will buy it again. Aw!!! Dvd's are so overpriced!! (about 20 dollars).

On a lighter note, my soccer team, F.C. Barcelona lost 0-2 with AC Milan on the UEFA Champions Cup; that makes it a lot harder to clinch for the next round, but it's not hopeless yet. We had a very good coach last year (Louis Van Gaal), but the press didn't like him, so he didn't have much future. We now have got one which is liked by the press guys, but I guess we won't get the same results from him.

I'm a bit tired now, so chances are I won't write the nodes I was expecting to write today (about some female friends who are important in my life...