After yesterday's party at my university (UAB), I got some much needed sleep (I'm a koala, after all :).

Some aussie girl chatted with me on ICQ; that's the second I get, must be my nick. Also got a message from an LA guy, deadfish, who I hadn't meet in ages.

Well, after that some work on our massive multiplayer AD&D experience.

And now, the main event in Spain. FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, which I guess is the biggest soccer match around. This year, Luis Figo, former Barcelona star, is wearing Real Madrid's white, and you wouldn't believe the reaction from the crowd everytime he comes near the ball.

It's 1-0 (Luis Enrique, curiously an ex-Real Madrid player), for now, and FC Barcelona's coach has already changed a striker (Dani) for a defender (Frank de Boer).

Now it's 2-0, as Simao has scored. Simao is portuguese, same as Figo, and was bought just to cover his position. Looks like it has worked.

Well, the match has ended 2-0. I think I'll go to bed real soon.