Doing this on and off, daylogging, that is... I guess my life is boring, but well, I've got to live with it.

This morning I found out about the lucid dreaming nodes, and I have decided to try that, so I'll follow their advice. One of those is that one must remember his day bottom up, so that will be the structure of my daylog.

Chatted a while with people on ICQ, after meeting on the way home a girl I hadn't seen in a long time (check my secret unrequited love node), and had a nice chat about cinema... curiously she had enjoyed The Exorcist (she's a bit of a 'high-brow' cinephile) and we discussed a bit of American Psycho (we both got the impression that the deeds were all imaginary, which everyone else around didn't get). I was fresh out of a really boring class of Software Engineering, which wiped the interest sparkled in the previous Computer Security class (criptography). I also found out something I share with Prince Charles and noded it, but it must be awful as it has been downvoted heavily.

The lucid dreaming nodes were very interesting, so I'm checking out the methods explained there, to see if it works.