Mmmh... I don' remember much of the dream, but there was some weirdness to it. I know usually people dream about being naked in dreams, but I spent most of this one in a towel, totally hitchhiker style... I don't know why, but this was the guise I wore to go to the swimming pool.

Mind you, a swimming pool I usually go to by train; this time I did too, but the trains were crazy! I also remember forgetting my wallet and having to come back to fetch it, or maybe someone did bring it to me, because it was there at the pool.

I remember some violence in the dressing room... (yeah, a violent koala... I know what are you thinking).

Well, I guess that's what I remember. Lately I'm remembering my dreams, thing that didn't happen for a long time. Well, that just shows that Everything2 can change your life...