Had not dream-logged in a while. If these are the effects of a Queimada, they are quite strange. As they say, do not meddle in the affairs of meigas.

Anyway, I do not remember how the dream started; I was in a mall, with a black guy. We were looking for eating some breakfast, but then in a hurry I suppose we stole something. We ran and ran, until we came to some kind of school for little kids. We ran through that into a TV set, during a contest. We became part of the public, but someone (I suppose an employee from the place we had stolen the something) was there too, and we had this kind of fight, trying to look good during the contest.

I think he got badly hurt, so we ran away outside. I had some kind of dress that allowed me to fly (well, to drift). So I began flying (yeah, a dream about flying... curiously I don't remember ever remembering one). It was kinda fun, but it got out of control (too powerful winds), so I wake up.