Mmmm. I think I was looking for a job in a business (I can relate this to this certain phase of my life), and I met there a pretty girl in my class (I can relate this to, oh well, forget it). Anyway, I didn't even look for an interview or anything, don't know why. The thing is I get chatting with her.

She's finished, so we get back home on a bus (weird, since we live in different places and I don't take buses). Well, some nasty guy there is buying records to the driver (?), and I begin making some witty remarks on his taste. I thought he was going to beat me, and after listening myself, I was damn sure.

But then, on the next stop, the girl's boyfriend gets on the bus and all hell breaks loose. Everyone starts a big argument, and it gets real bad. One of them says he'll be dead in the morning because of that (yeah, I don't know why either).

This cuts in to a reunion we are holding the following day (in one of my faculty's rooms, I think). The principal players in the argument are summoned to a different room, including the death prophet one, but I do not go.

Later, I heard I am called there. I expect the guy to be dead and everyone blame me, but I find everyone there smiling and with this we've-got-you look on their faces.

Turns up that this was a publicity stunt for a cyclist association (????), and that I had been voted the fourth most popular character.

Oh, well... I've had weird dreams before, but I had never written down one like this. Mmmmm... if someone makes out something out this, please /msg me, ok?