Well, noding from Lynx now! I'm installing Linux on my machine, thanks to my brother being in London for holidays. I've choosed Debian after battling with Mandrake's urpmi and stuff, not being able to install Progeny successfully and trying Debian unstable and not enjoying it much.

It's kinda cool to install an operating system completely off the net, and I'm beginning to see this all apt-craze, though trying to install some recent packages (from testing), I've managed to screw up X, now I'm trying an update, hoping that having configured stable correctly testing (or even unstable, I'm hoping) will work fine. Right now it's 35m 52s to go.

Well, as you might notice, my previous daylog goes a long time away. I have been somewhat busy with my summer job (some ATG-Dynamo and Java stuff) and I've been staying away from noding for a while. Things are going quiet, I've been having a nice summer, thanks to the job's air conditioner and I really enjoy my coworkers. Having a three-month contract is just perfect for me, as I do not want to leave classes and I won't have time to get burnt there.

Anyway, I guess not having X (and being completely incompetent at Linux) as made me come back to E2... it's not as if I want to get to level 4 :).